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    I want to thank you for your prompt, knowledgeable and helpful approach to safely transferring my CD collection (all 1208 of them!)  on to my MusicM8 drive. I have already been singing your praises to others. Nigel 

    Just opened the package today (and) wanted to say many thanks, especially for the artwork on the cover and the DVD - it was a nice touch :o) Natasha

    Great Service!  Dropped off my pile of CDs in the afternoon and they were ready for me to collect the next day.  I now have all my music loaded onto my IPOD so no more bulky CD cases! Thank you Brian, I would highly recommend your services. Heidi

    Thanks so much for the Cd's. They have come up so well. I am very happy with the quality and also the artwork on the covers. Definitely bringing back some childhood memories. I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing these kinds of conversions done. Regards, Janine

    Faced with the daunting task of downloading 300 CDs I decided to call in a Knight in Shining Armour! From the get go, Brian was fantastic. Very Customer Service focused (and I have high standards!), Flexible and Responsive and overall a great guy to deal with. He even followed up with me a couple of weeks later to make sure everything was going OK - simple but not common!

    His work saved me 30 hours of my time, and I would highly recommend him to anyone (and I already have done) not just for the service, the timesavings but also for his technical expertise which provided a far better result than I could possibly have achieved. Thanks Brian for showing that good customer service is alive and well in NZ. Elizabeth.

    Brian at Shift My Music is the go-to guy when you need to convert your media to a digital form.  I had a number of vintage VHS tapes in a somewhat degraded condition, Brian was able to pull the video off and convert to DVD format in great quality.  There are many companies out there offering digital conversion - don't risk your material with a less-experienced company, go with an experienced pro like Brian at Shift My Music. Mick Peck Magic.

    Hi Brian. Thanks so much the tape is perfect. Thanks Amanda, AKL.

    Hi Brian. Just wanted to say what a superb transfer to Mp3 from Vinyl. The clarity and depth of the transfer was stunning. I am looking through my music again and will be in contact soon for another rip. Great job and hope the house renovation is going well. Best wishes Lloyd Gutteridge

    Thanks for excellent work transferring my 45's to CD. Result exceeded expectation especially considering vintage of some of recordings. Will happily do business again in the future. Regards, Scott.

    The quality was great. Simple, fast, friendly, what more can I ask for. Cheers, Fabian. North Shore.

    The premium package was worth the extra $. Great artwork reproduction from the LP covers + wonderful sound quality I'm now getting from my new cds..Will certainly use your services again! One happy customer. Cheers Mark, AKL.

    Firstly I must compliment the packaging. On our first meeting you discussed the different options about what was to be put on the cover - things I had not thought about. I appreciate your attention to detail on presentation.

    The sound quality of the transcriptions is excellent ++. Lost in the Corridors live LP was probably the most difficult task (for you) but it is my favourite, you have eliminated the LP record defects and the recording still sounds bright and clear. It almost sounds as if you had gone back to the original tapes. The Pink Floyd disco version LP still has great sound and does not distort if played loud. I am surprised how well the top end sounds considering the music has been filtered.

    I am pleased with the work you have done on these albums and I am looking through my vinyl collection thinking about shifting a few more on CD.

    The quotes for your work on the internet were cheaper that that of others providing the same service. I appreciate that I could deliver the records to you instead of posting them. They are quite valuable and could not easily be replaced. Thanks again, Regards James, Auckland

    Thanks Brian, the LP conversion sounds great, appreciate the help and service. Russell, Auckland.

    Hi Brian , I want to say that you have a great service and I like your personal customer service approach. It is amazing to have 190 of my favourite CD's now on MP3 and it saved me a week of my time! I used your premium service and it is well worth having the library groomed and for all the correct artist information to be appended. Regards Gordon, Auckland.

    I am very pleased with our CDs and we are particularly enjoying Basil Brush! I have been really impressed with the service you have given and the quality of the music, thank you so much. Mary, Auckland.

    Hi there Brian, Just a short note to say thank you and that I'm absolutely delighted with the results (LP to CD and VHS to DVD). Looking forward to the next shift and I hope you have fun with it too. Cheers Alex, Auckland.

    Hi Brian, I just want to let you know I was very pleased with the Tonton Macoute LP you converted onto CD. The sound quality exceeded all expectations and it all plays wonderfully on my system. I have some other items I plan to convert as well. Thanks again for the great service and product. Cheers Lindsay, Auckland.

    Thanks for a great job done on my Golden Harvest Cd Compilation. I am pleased with the effort and effeciency you have created on this product. I may require your services at some later stage for my other  kiwi band vinyl records which need transferring onto Cd. Very much appreciated and its a beauty - Kind regards Jimbo, Christchurch.

    Hi Brian, the sound quality is better than I expected and I really enjoy being able to listen to the record again. If I come across any other LPs....I'll be sure to send them your way. Yvonne, Waikato

    From Celine to Carreras, Michael Bolton to Mantovani, I now have them all on my Ipod thanks to ShiftMyMusic. Personal, fast and effective service, what more could you want? Thanks. Diana, Wellington

    Thank you for the great work you did setting up the transfers from CD for my MP3 player.  I appreciate your help with getting things sorted and now have some lovely music at my fingertips. Regards, Primrose.

    Just wanted to say very good service, loaded all my cds onto portable hard drive, then to iPod and retained existing music on iPod, prompt and efficient, well done. Carmel, Herne Bay Music Lover.

    Parcel (vinyl) arrived back today, awesome recording you have done for for me. Extraordinary effort and result successfully achieved. Highly recommended by Jimbo Grey, Christchurch.

    Hi Brian, Just a quick follow up to thank you for transferring my music from my CD's to my ipod. I couldn't believe how quickly you transferred 181 CD's and categorized them in such a short space of time. We had been trying to add more music to my ipod and no matter how much we tried we had no success as it kept being rejected, so thanks again for sorting it all out and for storing over 8000 tunes already stored on our ipod into my computer as you saved me about three days of toil. I will have no hesitation in contacting you again when the technical side of things get a bit beyond me. Thanks once again Brian. Regards, Jim Graham, Birkenhead.

    My new MP3 player works just fine and it’s just the cutest little thing. I am not up with all the technology of these things so to have the music loaded onto it for me was absolutely fantastic. Also the trade me auction for the speakers that you pointed out was great. I have purchased those too so I can play the music in my Beauty Therapy Clinic. Your service was wonderful and I thank you very much. Thanks again. Rosie Gray, Auckland.

    We are delighted to have our entire music collection digitalised and portable, the ipod working and being in a situation where we can download music and add to our collection.  We would never have found the time to carry out this task – and don’t have the expertise anyway!  Thank you for your prompt, efficient and enthusiastic service.  We are commending you to our friends!  Joan and Ian Williams, Auckland.

    Thank you for your prompt, careful and courteous attention to my order. The CD looks great and the sound quality excellent. It is unusual these days to find such good service. My wife now has a treasured memory that would have fallen to pieces had it been left in tape form. You will be my first choice for any further conversions I may need. Best regards, Joe Crozier, Waikato.

    We wanted to thank you very much for your excellent service. We were so impressed with the way you dealt with our request and it has been a revelation to us that you can provide such a wonderful service. The way you collected all of our many CDs and efficiently sorted them out has helped us hugely. We would never have been able to do this if it hadn’t been for you. We will certainly be recommending you and your service to everyone we think it might help. Kind regards, Rod and Bridget, Auckland.

    After stumbling across ShiftMyMusic on Google my expectations of service and professionalism have been greatly exceeded! The product is great and the service was excellent. If you receive the same level of service I did you will be more than satisfied! Thanks, Naomi Lane, Wellington.

    The team at SHIFT were brilliant, they picked up my CD collection and two days later I had a complete digital library. I was amazed they were able to track down cover art for some of my more obscure jazz albums. These guys rock! Ian Malcolm, Auckland.

    The process was so easy with Shift My Music. Now our entire music collection is activated at a single push of a button, we can decide on the type of music we want to listen to, where “Car, Bike, Kayak or on the Run” and have the security that every CD we’ve ever purchased is now backed up.
    Lindsay McCord, North Shore. 

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