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    Making The Shift - Do It Once, Do It Right!


    Shifting CDs to digital format is commonly referred to as "Ripping”, a process which reads the source music and records it onto a computer as a digital file.
    If you have an iPod, iPad, PC, laptop, Mac,  Smart phone, mp3 player or any other type of media player the first thing you should do is shift all your music onto it; after all you have already paid for the music. 

    You could rip all your CDs manually, using your own computer, but it can be a mind-numbing task and you'll need to consider some critical factors in order to get the best results:

    Time/cost factor. Allow around 8-10 minutes to manually rip a CD on a home PC, that's about 8 Cds per hour. Here at Shift My Music we rip up to 50 CDs per hour from just $1 per CD meaning that if you choose to manually load your collection you value your time at just $7.50 per hour! 

    The best digital format for encoding your music. The format you choose, such as MP3, FLAC or WMA, will depend on how you intend to play your music. Get this wrong and you may find yourself having to re-rip your entire collection. More Info... 

    Metadata. Information such as 'album/artist/genre/year/track/title' and cover art for an album are known as 'metadata'. This data is 'tagged' to the music file and is crucial to ensuring a library quality collection. Getting it wrong would be like throwing all your CDs into giant box, putting on a blindfold and taking a lucky dip every time you wanted to find a particular track or album!

    Don't waste your time!
    Shift My Music
    can create your digital music library quickly and professionally from just $1 per CD. Our expertise and robotic technology will have you enjoying high quality digital music in no time. After all, we make digital easy! More info...  


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