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    The Next Generation Of Music Enjoyment


    From Vinyl, to Cassette, to CD and DVD, Digital music files such as mp3 and FLAC are now the most convenient format for buying, storing and playing music.

    Advances in digital storage technology have made it possible to store thousands of albums, songs, photos and movies on devices smaller than a paperback. Advancements in portable music and media players such as the iPod through to more more high end audio equipment have continued to improve sound quality so much that there is now virtually no audible difference between a CD and a digital music file. Now more than ever, music lovers are transferring their CD collection to mp3 and flac files and taking advantage of the many benefits; including...

    Total portability.Take your entire music collection with you when you travel to the other side of the world, or to a party on the other side of the street.

    Ease of play
     with the freedom to browse and play any song in your collection at the touch of a button whether you are inside, or poolside!

    Create play-lists
     of your favorite music effortlessly or play a random mix by genre or artist.

    Free up space
    in your home by banishing that bulky CD collection to the garage or attic.

    Preserve your music
    and memories. Easily create secure archives to preserve your music, your movies and more.

    With such compelling benefits it is easy to see why the digital revolution has gained rapid momentum. But how do you transfer all those CDs  onto your iPod or Media Player? 

    If you own a CD (or album) then you already own the right to make a digital copy for personal use on all of your devices. However, if you don't have the time, patience or know-how then the task of converting a large CD collection to mp3 and loading it to a hard drive can be difficult, boring and usually ends up on the "to-do" list; meaning all your valuable music risks being left behind as we transition to a new age of music player. Even worse is when you start paying again for music that you already own via services such as iTunes or Spotify!

    The easiest way to convert your CD collection is with Shift My Music. We can convert your entire collection quickly and professionally so you can enjoy all the benefits of the digital revolution.  More info


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