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    Convert CDs to mp3


    Converting your CD collection to digital format is easy with our high speed service. We convert entire collections in a fraction of the time it would take to convert manually on your computer. Our service includes...

      • Secure pick up and delivery.  We treat your CD collection with care. Once you've placed your order we'll contact you to arrange collection of your music,either by courier or in person. Your collection is insured and tracked throughout the entire process.

      • Fast Turnaround. Our high speed equipment can convert at least 50 cds per hour meaning you get your collection back within 72 hours in most cases.

      • Accurate metadata.  Metadata (artist, album, genre, etc) is the key to a good digital music library and we have partnered with the best metadata services to ensure extremely accurate and consistent data for your digital library.

      • Album art. Ideal for any music library is the album artwork or image of the original CD cover. We search our databases for the correct cover art and typically achieve 95-99% of all artwork for a mainstream collection.  We deliver high quality images so whether you play it on an iPod or large screen Plasma you’ll enjoy the best resolution available.

      • Data Grooming. Our manual grooming process further enhances your library. We spend time manually inputing album and track titles, fixing duplicate album naming, disc numbering, inconsistent spelling, missing artwork etc.

      • We can provide your library in all major formats. MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA Lossless, WMA, OGG and WAV.  We also help with advice on which one to choose. You can also choose a dual format rip for a small additional fee.

      • Storage options. We load your files to a portable hard drive as part of our service. You can provide your own hard drive or purchase one from us for around the same price as your would pay elsewhere. We also load to NAS devices for an additonal fee.

      • Detailed report. Included is a full report of the number of successful rips, cover art, and metadata summary.


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    NZ$ 0.99 per CD
    CD to Premium MP3 and LOSSLESS Formats
    NZ$ 1.60 per CD
    DUAL Format Library: MP3 + Lossless
    NZ$ 2.20 per CD

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