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    DUAL Format Library: MP3 + Lossless


    We create two libraries for you; an mp3(192kbps) library and a second of your choice. The most popular second format is FLAC.
    The benefit is that you'll have a premium quality archive of your music to keep as a backup and/or play via a home stereo plus you'll have a compressed format library perfect for playing on your iPod or mp3 player. A very smart option.

    Please enter the approximate number of of CDs you want to rip in the 'Purchase Qty' box below and choose your second format. If you want a format that is not listed feel free to request one.

    We won't bill you until the job is complete so you don't need to count every CD, a "guesstimate" is fine. Don't forget to add a portable hard drive to your order before you check out if you don't intend to send us your own.Click 'Order Now' to continue to the checkout.

    Upon receipt of your order and payment we will send you your courier pack and shipping instructions.

    NZ$ 2.20 including GST
    per CD
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